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Nasal Obstruction Could Be Causing Your Chronic Sinus Issues

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Nasal obstructions are anything that blocks proper mucus drainage or airflow in and out of the nose. Nasal obstructions are caused by nasal conditions like a sinus infection or allergy, and they can also cause painful chronic sinus symptoms. If you suspect a nasal obstruction, you need to schedule an appointment today.

Types of nasal obstruction

The types of nasal obstruction include:

Deviated septum - The structure that splits your nose into two separate nostrils is called the septum. A septal deviation is when the septum becomes crooked and partially or entirely blocks one nostril. A deviated septum is common, and an estimated 80% of people have some degree of deviation. If you have a deviation, you may experience difficulty breathing through one nostril and a runny nose. 

Nasal valve collapse - The narrowest part of the nasal airway is the nasal valve. It is located between the inferior turbinate and nasal cartilage. When the nasal valve collapses, it can cause nasal obstruction. One way of identifying nasal valve collapse is by using Breathe Right strips; if these strips give you relief, you may have a nasal valve collapse.

Inferior turbinate hypertrophy - The turbinates are bony structures in the nasal cavity. When they become irritated and swell, it is known as inferior turbinate hypertrophy. Allergies, dust, or other conditions can cause the swelling and result in difficulty breathing through the nose.

Nasal polyps - Nasal polyps are benign growths that develop in the mucosal lining of the nose. They can lead to obstruction, congestion, breathing problems, and sinus infections.

Foreign objects - Toddlers and children sometimes stick things in their noses. Common objects include food, tissues, beads, toys, and rocks.

Oversized adenoids - Similar to tonsils, the adenoids are soft tissues located behind the nose and roof of the mouth. Because the adenoids help our bodies fight infection, they can become infected quite quickly. When they get infected, they swell and block the nose.

Nasal lining swelling - Allergies often cause swelling of the nasal lining. When your body interacts with one of its allergens, it releases antibodies that in turn release histamines that cause your allergy symptoms.

Choanal atresia - Excess tissue in the nasal cavity that’s present at birth is called choanal atresia. It can lead to a full or partial blockage.

How is nasal obstruction treated?

The first step in treating nasal obstruction is diagnosing the root cause of it. Our doctors do this by examining your nose closely with a light scope and may also order a CT scan. We then like to get the painful symptoms under control before treating the root cause.

After getting the symptoms under control using medication or other means, we can take the next step in treating the root cause.
Effective long-term treatment options are available in the form of surgeries or in-office procedures. Conditions like a deviated septum, nasal valve collapse, turbinates, or nasal polyps are typically treated successfully, and our doctors are trained to give you the best care.

Need nasal obstruction treatment?

If you think you have nasal blockages or another type of sinus issue, schedule with ENTACC today.

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