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Allergy Center at ENTACC

ENTACC Services, Patient Suffering with Allergies

The Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County Allergy Center is a new state-of-the-art hypoallergenic facility offering pediatric and adult allergy testing and allergy treatments. The expert medical care by our allergists includes comprehensive diagnosis and management of all allergic disorders including seasonal allergies, food and environmental allergies, and stinging insect allergies.

Our practice specializes in “needle free” therapy, also known as sublingual immunotherapy. Daily drops placed under the tongue AT HOME replace the conventional series of injections which need to be done in the office. The benefit and convenience of home treatments allow for greater compliance and better allergy management. This therapy is ideal for children and active families, asthmatics, as well as for those patients who take certain medications that are contraindicated with allergy shots.

Many people with untreated allergy symptoms are unaware of how much better they can feel once their symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated. Allergy tests, combined with the knowledge of our allergy specialists to interpret them, will provide the information necessary to develop a treatment plan that can manage or even get rid of the symptoms, and significantly improve the quality of life. Effectively controlling allergies and asthma requires planning, skill and patience. Our allergists will develop a treatment plan for each patient’s individual condition. The goal is to enable each of us to lead a life as symptom-free as possible.

In conjunction with our allergy services, asthma diagnosis and management is often necessary to address additional problems and symptoms. Our specialists offer pulmonary function testing to assess lung function, and to help differentiate asthma from other chronic lung disorders. These pulmonary function tests are performed in our allergy center.

Allergy Center Treatments and Services

When to See an Allergist

Allergies can often interfere with our everyday activities, affect our quality of life, and can even be life threatening. Ordinary substances such as dust, molds, pets, foods, plant pollens, and insect stings are among the most common. The onset of allergies may occur at any age, although they usually begin in childhood. Often the symptoms develop gradually and are varied.

You should see an allergist if:

  • You have chronic sinus infections, ear infections and/or asthma
  • Over-the-counter medications do not control your allergy symptoms
  • You have suspected reactions to foods and/or insect bites
  • Your symptoms of sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes/ nose continue for several months out of the year
  • Your allergies are interfering with your quality of life
  • You are interested in new alternatives to your present medication regime such as sublingual immunotherapy

A visit to our Allergy Center may include a consultation with our allergist, allergy testing, prevention education and medications/ immunotherapy.

Erin O. from Downingtown, PA

“I had stopped taking my allergy medicine and ended up with the worse sinus infection of my life. The staff at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County genuinely will provide you with the best care. I was overwhelmed by the kindness, concern, and sense of urgency everyone gave. My phone calls were returned promptly and time was made to see me in the office when it was an emergency.”

Connie J. from West Chester, PA

“I can say after years of coming to Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County, my relationship and trust with Dr. Marriotti has grown tremendously. He is personable, friendly and I appreciate his input with my hearing condition. The staff at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County is always cheery and pleasant. I enjoy my visits and always leave feeling like I am in good hands.”

Dauna P. from University Lincoln, PA

“I am so grateful for the care Dr. Picariello has given for my complex and serious brain diagnosis. He has made such an impression on the way the process was handled. I shall never forget him and how humble he was when dealing with my condition. He is truly one of the best around and I am fortunate for his high ethical standards and professionalism.”

Kathy S. from Schwenksvile, PA

“The knowledge, encouragement, concern, and individual attention the doctors of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County had demonstrated was far beyond my expectations. The office atmosphere is professional yet friendly. The doctors know their profession well and are able to explain in basic understandable terms. They made sure we were comfortable and took their time going over everything extensively.”

James B., from Coatesville, PA

“The allergy shot process has been a great experience and has prevented a reoccurrence of my nasal polyps, and decreased the need for my asthma inhaler. The allergy staff is excellent.”